Zeplin Emulator
Developers Zeplin Team
Written in Qt / C++
Operating System(s) Windows XP+, Mac OS X
Latest stable release None
Latest unstable release None
Status Fake
Release date(s) 2014

Zeplin (called ZeplinEmu on its official website) is a fake Wii U emulator produced by the Zeplin Team, released in 2014. The website claims it is a closed-source cross-platform emulator for Windows XP+ (PC) and Mac OS X. Before you are allowed to download the emulator, however, it requires the user to perform a survey, which makes the site administrator earn a few cents each time, but the download never unlocks. Even when it does unlock, upon start up, the user is prompted again to complete a survey to unlock the emulator. This opens an redirector to a survey, and once again the owner earns more money. There is no code in the program that checks if the user completed the survey, rendering the screen impossible to bypass.

If one uses a special program to remove the survey screen, none of the buttons (except "Open") do anything, and even when a user clicks on an ISO, the open box dialog closes, and nothing happens.

Although the site looks extremely legitimate, they actually pay people to give positive reviews, and most of the comments on the website/YouTube/Reddit are either paid shills, misinformed people, or just the site administrator himself.

A user can tell the emulator is fake by watching the videos. It is shown to be "capable" of playing a commercial game at full speeds (something not even Dolphin, a Wii and GameCube emulator, can fully do) - "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker". However after watching the video it is very obvious that it's just a video edited over a blank screen (noticeable if you look close up, as the video covers a few edges on the screen).


More evidence of the scam can be found in one of their videos showing the Windows version. In the demonstration, we can clearly see the ISO file that they opened named "Captain Toad Treasure Tracker". However, the size of the file shows 1.00 MB, which is clearly an impossible size, considering that the medium for games on Wii U is around 4-8 GB. (Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is approximately 1.9 GB).

The only real emulator known at the moment is cemu.

There are also rumors that Zeplin installs adware and malware onto the users computer.

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